Agile Software Development

Equals Rapid Application Development

Yeti Media’s Agile Development Process

Yeti Media delivers solutions to customer opportunities through an Agile Design Process. There are five important elements to our product development approach. These include:

Daily project de-briefs with all team-members

At key intervals, these meetings also include our clients. The purpose of each meeting is to review the latest progress, address any challenges and compare progress to the project timeline.


Yeti is a nimble, flexible development team. Our culture emphasizes close partnership between the developers as well as on-going training for all team members.


We use ‘sprint cycles’ that divide the overall project scope into discrete tasks which shortens your application development life cycle.


Our emphasis on teamwork and iteration allows Yeti to quickly respond to new opportunities as they arise.


We accomplish customer commitments by continually comparing progress with project goals.

Complete Design and Custom Application Development Skills

Whereas many application developers must outsource various elements of the project to other vendors, Yeti Media is a full-service team. Here, strategy, user experience, interface design, & front-end development (or execution) are all found under a single roof. Our clients benefit from this in a number of ways.

  • Shared vision and customer orientation
  • Seamless project execution
  • Creative solutions that come from seeing how each project phase inter-relates with the whole
  • Shorter application development life cycle
  • Cost efficiencies that we share with our clients

A Few of Our Clients

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